Chuck Warren - Virtual Painter

I have recently begun to experiment with transforming my digital photographs in ways that make them appear more like artistic drawings or paintings. It's a lot of fun to try to get a good transformation. It can be very time-consuming, but also rewarding. My tool of choice is called Virtual Painter which is an add-in to Paint Shop Pro. It allows you to select various styles, such as pointillism or collage. Then, within the style, one can choose a background texture like smooth paper or stucco. Finally, one may fine-tune the final output by adding or subtracting color, choosing the amount of deformation and selecting other parameters. So far, I have stayed mostly within the boundaries of what Virtual Painter can do, but I'm beginning to see the possibilities.

I have done 5 paintings so far, see what you think.

Reading the Sunday Paper

Flowers Collage

Flowers Impasto

Bromeliad Garden

Village Skaters


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