Village 2001

Welcome to the Warren's Christmas Village for 2001! We added a train this year and have discovered that foliage contributes greatly to the appeal of the village. We added quite a few trees. We even added a pond and stream made with epoxy resin. We even added a few wild animals! 

These photos highlight the various areas of the village. The pictures were taken with my Kodak digital camera, then reduced in size for Web presentation. Most of the pictures were taken in low light without a flash so that the glow from the village windows could be seen. Enjoy!


These are thumbnail to see a larger picture

coca cola bottling.JPG
Coca Cola bottling company
Outside the courthouse
linden hills.JPG
Linden Hills Country Club
pond bears 2.JPG
Bears at the frog pond
pond bears.JPG
Bridge over the stream
Road Work Ahead.JPG
Road Work Ahead
skaters pose for camera.JPG
Skaters mugging for camera!!
the country.JPG
Out in the country
the times building.JPG
The Times Building
town square.JPG
Town Square is a busy place
waititng for the train.JPG
Waititng for the train
wedding couple.JPG
Wedding couple leaving church
Click here to run the train.