Christmas Card 2004

Here's our Christmas Card for 2004. This year we enjoyed our Caribbean vacation a lot and so decided to incorporate it into our "Tropical Christmas" theme. We may not have snow, and we import our Christmas Trees, but we still feel the Christmas spirit and enjoy celebrating this time of year. We hope you enjoy our cards as much as we enjoy making them


Christmas 2004



It’s Christmas time in the tropics

Glad tidings fill the air.

Skating in our imagination

Wanting you to share


Our joy and hope at Christmas

With loved ones far and near,

So from our hearts we wish you

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Chuck and Linda Warren

It was an interesting year as we “weathered” two hurricanes, Frances and Jeanne. I had to put weathered in quotes, because we actually went to New Orleans for the first one and to Linda’s Dad’s for the second. Now THAT’s the way to weather a hurricane. As it turns out, we suffered little ill effect from the storms as they just grazed our area.

   It seems like we did a lot of traveling this year. Linda visited China twice for her work and Chuck had a trip to Long Beach, CA for his. We vacationed in Key West and Saint Martin. (St Martin photos here:

Our son, Charlie (25), now working as an auditor for Lennar Homes, has announced his engagement to Lalita Bailey. The wedding is planned for July, 2005.

Christina (29) is still working in Nashville, but has been trying to find work closer to home. We would certainly like that!

Chuck had a small bout with thyroid cancer, but is completely cured although his thyroid gland now seems to be missing. J

So all-in-all a very good year, we are looking forward to what 2005 will bring.


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